THE GHOST


Elizabeth finds solace and companionship by sharing her isolated Victorian home with Angus, a benevolent hundred-year-old ghost. Her life is comfortable and safe until a stranger, Duncan, seeks her out. He claims to be searching for the apparition who murdered his wife. Duncan, with the aid of gruesome photos and an old diary, makes Elizabeth suspect she may be living with an evil presence.


Angus has remained a nebulous force, but finds he must now make himself known in more substantial ways as he tries to convince Elizabeth Duncan is lying. He twists her compassion and friendship into a sexual love that threatens to turn into obsession.


Duncan also seeks Elizabeth’s heart and uses every sensual skill at his mortal disposal to steal her love and loyalty, and persuade her to allow an exorcism that would vanquish Angus.


Elizabeth finds herself spinning into a vortex of love and lust, lies and deceit. She desires them both, even though Duncan may not be the man he claims to be, and Angus may be a spiritual serial murderer. Elizabeth is unwilling to give up either, until a shocking discovery forces her to choose between them.









In The Ghost, Rarey’s heroine Elizabeth is in love with the ghost who haunts her home, an old Victorian house standing on a cliff that overlooks a perpetually storm-tossed sea. Angus Aberdeen has been with her since the day she moved in three years ago and their relationship couldn’t be more perfect. Except of course, that he’s been dead for more than 100 years.

Except for the dead part, Angus is the ideal man. He may not be Mr. Right, but for Elizabeth, he’s Mr. Right Now. She looks forward to coming home to a house scented with apples and cinnamon and radiant with the glow of candles he’s lighted for her. He knows what she likes because he can read her mind, and he seems devoted to keeping her happy. Best of all, Angus is a safe man. That’s important to Elizabeth, whose last lover was abusive, leaving her with a deep fear and suspicion of men. She feels safe with Angus and has even spent lonely nights imagining what it would feel like to have his arms around her. So when Duncan Munroe comes knocking on her door in a raging snowstorm, claiming to be looking for his wife’s murderer, she’s more than a little unnerved.

She is also quite dismayed to learn that he believes Angus Aberdeen is responsible for the murder, which only happened four years ago. Duncan’s story is strange and stranger still is the knowledge that although they’ve never met, he seems to know an awful lot about her. Elizabeth doesn’t want to hear what he has to say about her beloved ghost, but Duncan is … persuasive. But so is Angus, who finally materializes physically to plead his version of the story and to prove to Elizabeth that he can be the perfect lover she’s been dreaming about.

Rarey does a fine job of keeping her reader guessing what Elizabeth’s choice will be as Duncan and Angus contend for her soul. This is a smart variation on the classic “Gothic” tale, and the author is pitch perfect in her telling of it.

Review by Kat Parrish ~ Bitten By Books