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Colors whirl behind my eyes.

My lips abound with useless lies.

I believe . . . I believe I am a maniac!

~Sandra Rarey~

A Little Red Magic Book 1, ABRACA-UH-OH! 

by Sandra Brown Rarey



I spoke a few words and opened my eyes. I was shocked at the way his gaze had narrowed and was focused on my mouth.

“Lying again, Syn?” His voice was low and rough. “That didn’t sound like a spell to help me regain my memory.” His perusal left my lips. He stared straight into my eyes. The unabashed sexuality in his look knocked me breathless.

To my amazement, something deep inside of me responded. I was so flustered I turned my back to him and fiddled with Laurie’s kit.


That one word, spoken in a smoky voice, started every nerve in my body to jangling. I pressed my hand to my chest. The squirrels were back.

I turned to him and really studied him for the first time. His strange-hued hair appeared to have been finger-combed while still damp. His chiseled jaw and the slight crinkles at the corners of his eyes hinted of a good-natured strength. His cheekbones were high, his mouth firm, yet mobile. His lips looked like they would know what to do with a woman’s body.

He smiled. And what a smile it was. His lips tipped up more on one side than the other, revealing the edge of his straight, white teeth. The tip of his tongue ran that edge, slipping along the bottom of his upper lip.

I imagined that tongue slipping into my mouth. “Oh, for heaven’s sake. I’ve got work to do.” I smoothed my hair and wiped my damp palms on my skirt. “If you want to go back to my place, I’ll get you the key.”

“Maybe I’ll just stay right here.” He studied me with his odd eyes.

A groan escaped without permission. “You’re making me nervous.” I went to step around him.

He made no move to get out of my way. “Then we’re even,” he said, touching my hair. “Because you’re making me crazy.”

I held my breath as he stepped so close I could smell toothpaste and my shampoo on him. He pressed me against the counter. The sweet, lemony scent of the Forever Love candle was overwhelming as his mouth settled on mine.

His kiss was demanding and sensual, drawing me deep into a fantasy. And that was all he was-a fantasy. As unreal as a dream. As enticing as hot fudge over caramel ice cream. My instincts were to pull away, but his allure was too powerful. My last thought as I reached over and touched the candlewick with my finger, dowsing the flame, was, what could it hurt? Snaking my arms around his neck, I slipped to the floor, drawing him with me.

“Help! He’s killing her! Squawk!”

“What the hell?” he yelped, jumping to his feet, leaving me in a very compromising position on the floor.

“Charlotte, you stupid bird, shut up,” I groaned.

“Are you open yet?”

I stared up at the woman in a pink T-shirt, staring down at me. Damn. I thought I’d locked that door.




  Copyright April 1, 2013 by Sandra Rarey



Book 2 in the A LITTLE RED MAGIC series coming soon.

In the shop of spells known as A Little Red Magic, nothing ever goes as planned.