The Ghost



Elizabeth is caught in a deadly web of desire and deception as two ancient spirits vie for her soul.

A must read for those of you who love stories that leave you with shivers running down your spine.


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About me:

Reading is an integral part of the foundation of my life. A natural extension of that love for books is writing   I find it much easier to get lost in a story crafted by someone else than to get lost in a story I am creating . . . and yet I cannot resist the keyboard.

I love the excitement, angst and drama in novels of love and romance. I love to get lost in spooky stories that make me shiver. I love a book that makes me laugh out loud. I love history, horror, drama, comedy and mystery.

I write what I love to read.


I write Paranormal stories because it is deliciously enjoyable to fictionalize the things that scare me. One of the most frightening things that ever happened to me was awakening at 2 AM to the aroma of cigarette smoke in our bedroom. Since my husband and I do not smoke, it was apparent someone was, or had been outside our open window. For a few seconds I was paralyzed with fear. This scene replays in a couple of my stories.

I write Romance  because I love love. It is the root of human hope and the foundation for almost every classic tale ever told. It is the root of my own foundation, too. I’ve been blissfully wed to the same man for over 50 years. You will recognize him as he is the model for my heroes.

My love stories evolve on the rocky road to winning the heart of another person. They begin with the first kiss—the first truly intimate contact between two people who will become essential to each other’s life.

Many of my stories are a combination of things that go bump in the night and kisses that curl your toes.



The award-winning THE GHOST and APPARITION are Gothic Noir novels that are not for the faint of heart.


My LITTLE RED MAGIC novels are highly entertaining Paranormal Romantic Comedies.


My SARAH’S CREEK novels are Historical Romances full of the excitement, love, fear, danger and drama of young Americans recuperating from the Civil War during Reconstruction and the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.


SURRENDER is an anthology of my sweet, sensual and scary short stories originally published in The Sun Magazine





A Little Red Magic, Sin in Sarah's Creek and The Ghost

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